Punch Line

Punch Line accompanies 36-year-old Kati Zambito on her way from intensive training to her first boxing match.
While preparing for this event, she starts to see boxing in a different light: she realizes paralles between the
challenges of boxing and current issues of our society.

Austria 2016, TV Documentary, HD, 53 min
Director: Kati Zambito

Screening dates:
6th of March 2017, 11:55 pm, 3sat
9th of March 2017, 04:15 am, 3 sat
3rd of July 2016, 11:05 pm, ORF 2 (dok.film/TV premiere)

Filmstills (© Daniela Praher Filmproduktion & ORF)
Picture Kati Zambito (© Christopher Klettermayer)

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Directed by:
Kati Zambito
Cinematography: Viktor Schaider, Binsar Pandjaitan
Sound: Andreas Ladik, Michael Bauer
Music: Miguel & Nash (Michael Bauer & Thomas Nash)
Editing: Birgit Obkircher, Stefan Fauland

Production ORF: Rina Bohland
Commissioning Editors ORF: Sharon Nuni, Siegfried Steinlechner
Management ORF: Martin Traxl
Producer: Daniela Praher

Produced by

Praherfilm schwarz 300dpigro      ORF                 

Supported by

Filmfonds          Fernsehfonds

 2016 Daniela Praher Filmproduktion & ORF