Ordinary Creatures

Director: Thomas Marschall
Austria, 2020, feature film, 75 min

Ordinary Creatures 2

„Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel“, Martha and Alex should have taken
Jim Morrison’s advice to heart, but on their car ride through an idyllic landscape they are primarily
occupied with themselves. Only when real life comes crashing into their small self-involved world
in the shape of a little dog and its grim owner, do things get set in motion – more than they could
have asked for. A devious road movie full of hefty surprises.

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Austrian cinema release: 21.05.2021 / Stadtkino Filmverleih

Festivals 2020:
Hof International Film Festival
(world premiere)
(Diagonale Collection – The Unfinished)

Festivals 2021: 
Beverly Hills Film Festival
FANT Bilbao
Long Island International Film Expo
Athens International Film Festival
Cinefantasy Sao Paulo
International Road Movie Festival Pilsen

MARTHA                                                                    Anna Mendelssohn
ALEX                                                                          Joep van der Geest
ETERNAL EVE                                                            Lynne Rey
LADY IN RAGE                                                           Anat Stainberg
GRRRUMPY HUNTER                                               Alois Frank
MEAN MECHANIC                                                     Robert Slivovsky
SPEECHLESS WAITRESS                                         Angela Christlieb
NEEDY DUTCH MOM                                                Sarah Moeremans
YOSI                                                                           Yosi Wanunu
JACKY O                                                                    Jackie O

DIRECTOR                                                                 Thomas Marschall            

SCREENPLAY                                                            Anna Mendelssohn
                                                                                   Thomas Marschall
CINEMATOGRAPHER                                                Martin Putz

SOUND                                                                      Tong Zhang
                                                                                   Florian Rabl

EDITOR                                                                      Stefan Fauland

MAKEUP ARTIST / COSTUME /                                Wiltrud Derschmidt
SET DECORATION                                                          

PRODUCER                                                               Daniela Praher

SCREENPLAY CONSULTANT                                    Stephan Richter                            

DRAMATURGICAL ADVISOR                                     Michael Palm         

ENGLISH TRANSLATION SCREENPLAY                   Sophie Gertrude Strohmeier      

STORYBOARD                                                           TC Hrdina

SCRIPT / CONTINUITY                                              Laura Piringer


LOCATION MANAGER                                               Jona Simon

PRODUCTION COORDINATOR                                 Anja Kogelmann    

PA / SET RUNNER                                                      Danae Carcabassi                       

LOCATION & CAR SCOUTING                                   Hannes Salat                     

ADDITIONAL LOCATION SCOUTING                         Edith Schild

                                                                                     Hella Fidesser

                                                                                     Schorsch Böhme

                                                                                     Marianne Tonn                                      

PROPS                                                                         Daniel Wagner-Schönfeld

MECHANIC VOLVO                                                      Bernhard Vrabic

DRAWBAR VOLVO                                                       Andreas Bössner

ANIMAL TRAINER                                                        Katja Hawliczek                 

SET PHOTOGRAPHER                                                 Thomas Weilguny                        

ADDITIONAL ACTING / TAREK                                     Faris Rahoma

ADDITIONAL ACTING / KHADISHA                              Stefanie Sourial

ASSISTANT CAMERA                                                    Jakob Grasböck    

ELECTRICIAN                                                                Laura Wichmann

SUN, MOON & SPARKS FILMED BY                             Stefan Vucsina

PRE-PRODUCTION ASSISTANT CAMERA                    Bernhard Schlick   

ASSISTANT EDITOR                                                        Luzia Johow

PRE-PRODUCTION EDITOR TEASER                            Georg Eggenfellner          

EDITING FACILITY                                                           Christian Leiss Postproduction

POSTPRODUCTION SUPERVISOR                                 Stefan Fauland

DIGITAL COMPOSITING / VFX                                         Michael Brandstetter

ADDITIONAL VFX                                                              Stefan Polasek

ADDITIONAL DIGITAL COMPOSITING                             Patrik Pachler

COLOR GRADING / DCP                                                  Bernhard Hochenauer                 

TITLE DESIGN                                                                   Mathias Fellner

SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR                                       Tong Zhang

RE-RECORDING MIXER                                                   Rudolf Pototschnig


ORIGINAL SCORE BY                                                       Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

MUSICIANS                                                                       Martin Siewert
                                                                                           Guitars, Lap Steel, Papoose, Bass
                                                                                           Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
                                                                                           Vibraphonette, Percussion,
                                                                                           Analogue Synthesizer, Sampler

Original music recorded and mixed by Martin Siewert, Vienna


Hirtenruf vom Rigi

(trad. Schweiz; Bearbeitung Urs Klauser & Beat Wolf)
Urs Klauser: Schweizer Sackpfeife
Beat Wolf: Schalmei
CD „Tritonus – Alte Volksmusik in der Schweiz“ (Zytglogge-Verlag, Basel, 1991)

Music & Lyrics: Emanuel Rudas, Vincent Wohinz, Jürgen Bauer
© 2020 Plexus Solaire

Urheber: Volkslied
Bearbeiter: Anton Hofer
Chor: A cappella Chor Tulln
Choreinstudierung: Gottfried Zawichowski

Les Adieux
Music & Lyrics: Emanuel Rudas, Vincent Wohinz, Jürgen Bauer
© 2020 Plexus Solaire

They Were Wrong
Written and performed by Larkin Grimm

Written by Bianca Caruso and Lee Ferris
Performed by Freddy & Francine
Mooselookmeguntic Music BMI / LeeFerrisMusic BMI

Thanks to
Barbara Fränzen, Karl Hufnagl, Brigitte Winkler-Komar, Birgit Maimer,
Katharina Meißnitzer, Sylvia Fassl-Vogler

Juliana Neuhuber, Christian Leiss, Sylvia Eckardt, Daniel Hoesl, Catalina Molina,
Paul-Julien Robert, Atanas Tcholakov, Chris Strachwitz, Kornelia Kilga,
Michael Strohmann, Sharon Nuni, Vincent Lucassen, Dominik Hruza, Hella Fidesser,
Georg Böhme, Michael Harmer, Florian Harmer, Peter Melichar, Ronnie Seunig,
Claire Schönborn, Erna Ströbitzer, Jasmin Linzer, Olaf Möller, Karin Harrasser,
Armen Avanessian, Familie Wieshaider, Katharina Kraus, Barbara Riedl,
Johannes Klos, Blanka Kasparova, Philipp Dalos, Frances Holliss, Maya Holliss,
Adam Heart, Anne Laurent-Delage, Martin Schweighofer, Norman Shetler,
Wiktoria Pelzer, Ines Kaizik-Kratzmüller

Albert Barth, Flott Autovermietung, Abschleppdienst Machalek, Aon Jauch & Hübener,
ÖAMTC, ASFINAG, Traum & Wahnsinn Medienkollektiv, Österreichisches Filmmuseum,
Österreichisches Volksliedwerk, Excalibur City, IKEA, McDonald's, Stift Klosterneuburg,
Toxic Dreams, Rosenberger Restaurant GmbH, Kaiserrast, Löffler Autowäscherei, Tankstelle
Brenner, Windischhütte, Donau Rollfähre Korneuburg-Klosterneuburg, Uferhaus Klosterneuburg,
AFC - Austrian Films, Stadtkino Filmverleih

Filmed at locations in Lower Austria, Vienna and Znojmo/Czech Republic

Special thanks to
Barbara Strachwitz, Elisabeth Menasse, Dorothea Brunialti, Alexander Franz Zehetbauer,
Jutta Schwarz, Anna Scheer, Benni und Leeni Marschall de Mendelssohn, Plexus Solaire

Produced by


Project Development at
ProPro - The Producers‘ Programme for Women
An Initiative of the Austrian Film Institute to Empower Women Film Producers

Supported by
Land Niederösterreich
Stadt Wien MA7

© 2020 Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

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