Superman is a Refugee

By Juliana Neuhuber and Daniela Praher
Austria, 2020, documentary, 11 min

Alaa Al-Dulaimi (19) fled from Iraq to Austria. As a refugee he has to face a lot of challenges.
To keep his mind busy he watches superhero movies and reads comics. He decides to create
his own world by writing a science fiction graphic novel. 

Director, EditorJuliana Neuhuber
Producer: Daniela Praher
DOP: Thomas Weilguny
Sound: Daniel Hasibar, Philip Pflamitzer
Josef P. Wagner
Sound Design: 4EARSTUDIOS

Funded by bka Abt II/7 zum Projektaufruf zusammen:wachsen - Kunst und Integration 
In Cooperation with Traum & Wahnsinn Filmproduktion

© 2020 Daniela Praher Filmproduktion